Assessment Task 2: Selected Posts

The posts selected for this assessment have been done in a manner that it shows the journey of this subject through out the semester. Right from the initiation of the concept, to the changing of the ideas, to the faults and shortcomings of the project are all mentioned and talked about throughout the various posts.

    This post talks a little about my background in writing and how it has developed over time. It also talks about the initiation of the ideas I am willing to work on, refine and change in the coming weeks.
    This addresses the first definite decision of form the project will take in terms of format. It also addresses the initial route I wanted to take for the story. One of the main reasons for including this post is to show the conscious changes and improvements that are made to the project in the future.
    This post is about the major change in the idea of how I would work with the Web Series. It also addresses the decision of completely changing the script and deciding to go with something completely different.
    This post talks about media interactivity and the issues that I am facing with how to deal with audience participation. It talks about what I had thought of doing and the realisation of how I need to refine that idea further to make it work better.
    After the first presentation, there were lot of things that needed to be addressed and worked on. This post talks about my shortcomings of my presentation and the loopholes in my idea. I also talk about the issues I knew I would face while making the EPOC.
    This post talks about the execution of the plan for my EPOC and an update of the new things I have worked on for the project. It ends off with the remaining issues and shortcomings of this project and the things I need to improve on.


(Blog posts have references as and when required)


I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of theĀ assessment declaration.


Electronic Proof of Concept

One of the most important part of a proposal is the EPOC (Electronic Proof of Concept). This is what really gives the idea and assurance while proposing an idea.

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Reanalysing the Concept

Having read the peer reviews of my fellow colleagues, I got a better idea of the shortcomings of my presentation. Though it was difficult to talk about everything in under 3 minutes, it was still something that I should have been able to squeeze in through the proper management of the given 3 minutes.

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NDIN – Assessment Task 1: Pitch Peer Feedback

This Wednesday we had to pitch our ideas for our first assignment for New Directions in Narratives. I was rather nervous when I gave my presentation as the idea I pitched was a little unconventional and I couldn’t put forth every aspect of it the way I wanted to in the 3 mins that were allotted and that is something I definitely need to work on. There were a lot of other students who pitched their ideas as well and we had to peer review some of them. So here is my feedback for my classmates in my group:

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