It’s all about the Code

Programming Concepts

I tried something interesting the other day. It was an hour long exercise on the basics of programming through characters of the film “Frozen”.

It’s a very interesting take on going through the learning blocks of programming. As I did my Bachelor’s in Engineering (Computer Science), it was a fairly easy exercise. But the method used here to teach is a lot more fun. Even though it might look like it is something only for kids, it’s actually pretty helpful for people of any age.

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Who is Annie?

After pitching the idea to make a short film, we got to making it over the last month. It is a short video to spread awareness about domestic violence in relationships. We wanted to bring forth the idea that “Annie”could be anyone, and we should help these people as they don’t always have the courage to step forward.

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“Wait here…I’ll go get the car.”, he said and ran into the rain.

He got into the car, cursing the Gods, completely drenched. He took another look at the new ring on his finger, sighed, and started the engine.

As he drove the old Honda City towards the building, he saw her. Standing in the rain, eyes closed, facing the sky, and smiling.
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The Dancer

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he said, “You go ahead. I’ll join you later.”

“No you won’t.”, Naina sighed. “You’re coming with me right now.”

“I promise I’ll join you in a bit.”

“Don’t be such a wuss Ayan. It’s my brother’s wedding.”

“I have never done this sober. And besides, I’m terrible.”

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