Pitch Perfect

Last month, a couple of friends and I started working on a project to make a 1 minute short on Domestic Violence. But before we got to making the video, we had to pitch the idea to our professors using a HTML page with all the details. It was the first time I had ever done something like that.

One of the challenges we faced was writing the code for the page. The HTML part was pretty straight forward.  But to make it look a little more appealing, we had to figure out a little bit of CSS as well.

The major issue we faced was trying to figure out our target audience. We didn’t want to make our topic centric around a certain country or region. The outlook we wanted to take was that domestic violence is something that could happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. That’s why we named the project “Who is Annie?”. Annie could be anyone. The issue with this is that the target audience immediately becomes a large number of people and doesn’t target anybody in a particularly. At the same time, we also wanted to wanted to reach as many people as possible.

So we did a little bit of research on the topic on how to uncover the proper target audience. We went on multiple pages on Facebook to see what type of people undergo issues of domestic violence and also the type of people who actively take part in preventing these situations. To get an idea about how we can narrow it down, we looked into the Social Media marketing Plan for the film “Whiplash” just to get an idea about how it is done. It helped in giving us an idea as to how to go about it and narrow it down but still reach out to as many people as possible.

After researching into it a little further, we understood how much work goes into all of this. We also decided to add hashtags of our own and hashtags which are already being used to spread awareness about Domestic Violence. There was a huge difference in our project and what we got to see online. The major difference was the sheer size of the projects and the research that goes into pre-production (and also how to figure out something like target audience). Since the size of our project and budget is small, we needed to stick with the methods which are the cheapest and most viable. But we definitely got to learn a lot about how it is actually done for projects which have a certain budget and need to be publicised.

The pitching of our project is definitely not close to industrial standards as we do not have the resources to do a lot of things (like conducting surveys). Despite the limitations, we tried our best to come up with something that would be similar to the format of an IMDB page and how pitching of a project is done in the industry.

If I got the opportunity to do this again, one thing that I would definitely add to the project would be Java scripting along with HTML and CSS to make it look more professional and interactive. If there was a budget, then I would use some of it to do some extensive research on target audience. For the moment we will be using syndication and all the social media platforms to reach out to our audiences as best as possible.

Our Page for “Who is Annie?”:


One thought on “Pitch Perfect

  1. It is an issue where awareness is to be raised. Especially because the abused in most cases stays quite. This only makes things worse and it gets even more so when the couple involved have a child. It is good that you are doing a film on it.
    All the best with your project.

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