“Wait here…I’ll go get the car.”, he said and ran into the rain.

He got into the car, cursing the Gods, completely drenched. He took another look at the new ring on his finger, sighed, and started the engine.

As he drove the old Honda City towards the building, he saw her. Standing in the rain, eyes closed, facing the sky, and smiling.

At that exact moment, he realised that his arranged marriage had turned into a love marriage. He smiled…and this time, he thanked the Gods. , said the old man as he finished his story.

“So that’s how you fell in love with Nani!”, his granddaughter said, clapping her hands with excitement. “Then what happened?”, she asked, sitting up in her bed.

He laughed. “That’s something I might tell you when you are a little older kiddo. Now go to sleep, or that woman will ground us both”, the old man said as he kissed her on the forehead.

Out in the hall, his wife rolled her eyes as she tried to suppress her smile.


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