Who is Annie?

After pitching the idea to make a short film, we got to making it over the last month. It is a short video to spread awareness about domestic violence in relationships. We wanted to bring forth the idea that “Annie”could be anyone, and we should help these people as they don’t always have the courage to step forward.

We initially had an issue with our target audience when we were making our page. But we came to the conclusion that it will target people in relationships (between the ages of 20-40) in Australia with the addition of audience from the different nationalities due to the participants of the project (namely India, Kenya and Singapore).

We worked pretty well as a team. We took one day for practice shots and figuring out how we should go about the process. We wrapped up all our shooting in a day and it went pretty smoothly. The only issue I came across was during editing. I wanted to add text in 3D space, something I had done before, but was not completely comfortable with.

I had seen something like that on a TV show called “The Fringe”. It was a little different on the show (it used 3D tracking as well which I did not need), but the idea was the similar. Therefore I researched on the web and found out that there are a couple of ways to do this. I used the new feature of Adobe Premiere Pro which allows us to use the “Crop” tool with a pen and key frames. I had to edit frame by frame to give the text the desired effect. As the video is 1 minute long, we had to add things subtly to make it look as professional as possible. This added to it.

I also got some insight from Jeremy Bowtell, a professor, on how to colour correct the right way to give the video the correct feel and look. This was extremely helpful.

In comparison to industry standards, we still have a lot to learn. But I think we did a pretty decent job with the final product. Annette was in charge of the story and social media. Nick was in charge of sound and music. I was in charge of direction, cinematography and editing. We functioned like a well oiled machine.

We are using social media platforms like YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to reach out to our audience by using syndication and appropriate hashtags. We made snippets of the main video to upload on Instagram (one for each person on the group) with the link redirecting people to the main page on YouTube. It is also a bonus for us as this month is Domestic Violence Month and it will help the cause.

If I got the chance to do something differently, I would pay more attention to the lighting. We did not have the luxury to use artificial lighting this time due to time and location constraints. I would love to be able to control the lighting for some scenes.

Peer Feedback

Just like our team, there were several others who had projects of their own. Two of those particularly stood out for me.

1. Members: Makara, Stella

Topic: Stop Blaming the Victim.

To begin with their presentation when the rough cut was shown, it was very informative and the research behind the project showed. Their project was about how to change people’s views on Rape victims, namely in Cambodia and Indonesia.

The final product was an infographic animated video. The quality of animation was top notch. They decided to make the video in both the native languages as well as in english. The video was short, precise and to the point. Their target audience was decided and perfectly selected.

All in all, I thought it was a very well presented, well researched and well executed project. I had no complaints as such, but if I had to nit-pick, the text used in the video could have been a little more spaced out and larger in size to ensure the reading is done with ease.

One thing in particular I felt my team and I could learn from them in particular is the way they presented their rough cut. They not only presented the video, but also facts and research through a powerpoint presentation and showed the work they put into the video behind the scenes.

2. Members: Rachel, Jeje

Topic: Melbourne Café scene. (Art of Coffee)

Their project was regarding the Café scene in Melbourne. A Blog page was made regarding the different cafés and dishes which was supported by an Instagram page and Weibo.

The Blog page looked beautiful and complimented the style of picture and the description which supported each picture. One of my favourite things was the way they designed their Instagram page. They clubbed together pictures in groups of 3, 6 or 9 to form a single picture. This was a unique style and smart way to catch someone’s attention. Another thing that caught my attention was the way they used hashtags (Hidden hashtags) by hiding them in comments. This ensured that more people would come to their Instagram page.

Even though what we saw was just a rough draft and I’m sure they will work on it further, I felt that they could work on syndicating their Instagram, Blog page and Weibo a little better as they seemed a little disconnected. But overall, it looked really refreshing and interesting.


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