It’s all about the Code

Programming Concepts

I tried something interesting the other day. It was an hour long exercise on the basics of programming through characters of the film “Frozen”.

It’s a very interesting take on going through the learning blocks of programming. As I did my Bachelor’s in Engineering (Computer Science), it was a fairly easy exercise. But the method used here to teach is a lot more fun. Even though it might look like it is something only for kids, it’s actually pretty helpful for people of any age.

The thing about coding is, even though we do get to see our program when we run it, the fact that we get to see it in a more interesting way (which is Elsa forming a snowflake), makes all the difference. It’s a lot more interactive and engaging.

Things like loops, nested loops are not that difficult. But they are some times challenging in the beginning for a few cases. This exercise makes the whole process a lot easier.

The idea of hiding the code behind simpler terms is a genius idea. Once a person understands the logic behind how a code works, they can always substitute it with the terminology.

I didn’t really find any flaw. The way they teach coding through this method makes the whole process a whole lot easier and more engaging. The best part is, they have a similar method which goes on to teach the much more complicated parts of coding. It would have helped me a lot if I knew about this during my engineering days!


App Idea

Getting to know how to code has a lot of advantages and usages. One of the biggest and trendiest ones today is creating an app. It’s also one of the ways to get a huge income these days, if it’s done right.

I had a 6 months long internship during my engineering course. During that internship, I helped designing an app for a pharmaceutical company. I was in charge of how the app would look while my classmate was in charge of the coding. But through this I learnt a lot about how an app is made.

If I got the chance to make an app, I would start with something simple to test the waters first to get the hang of it.

Back in India, we have a lot of customs and rituals, irrespective of our caste or religion. And it is a big part of our lives. The younger generation is obviously distancing themselves from all of this slowly. But we can’t really blame anyone for it. Our way of lives have changed. We got a lot busier. We got a lot more to do at our jobs. But sometimes the idea of these customs and rituals is to bring people together and it can be a lot of fun (rather than treating it like a task). So, I would like to build an app which would separate these customs, festivals and rituals according to their date (in the year) and their caste or religion (just to be able to find them). And when we click on it, it will walk us through the steps and procedures of how to execute it. This way we won’t always have to depend on out parents, and probably add a little touch of our own to these rituals.

It would also have the option for the user to read about the history of these rituals/customs. An app like this would mainly require databases, HTML and java scripting for the interface. It’s fairly simple and easy to execute. It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to create this app for tablets and phones alike as well.


Comments please!

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