New Step towards Narration

Writing was never one of my strong points. Starting off the Masters course, it  was one of the things I was a little worried about but also adamant to work on. Having the chance to do “Story, Genre and Medium” earlier in my first semester, gave me more confidence in this area, even though I did not necessarily score as much as I was aiming for. I got into the habit of writing a blog, short stories and screenplay which improved over time

This course on the other hand will allow us to delve deeper into the mechanics of what we studied in our first semester and I am looking forward to strengthening the weaker aspects of my filmmaking.

During the first class, we got an idea about the huge amount of options we have at our disposal when it came to expressing our creativity. Some of the new interesting things we were introduced to when it came to narratives included interactive films, the idea of cross-media and trans-media, gaming, ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and The Three Act Play, among other things.

Now what I was planning to do for this course in particular was work on a story I had thought of a few years back. Having been introduced to all these concepts, ideas and different forms of digital media, my first dilemma is whether to work on my idea as a two part short film, or a short web series. My goal is to come up with the best possible screenplay for the story in mind so that I can in turn make that into a reality. I am pretty sure as the class progresses, my ideas and outlooks will keep on changing, but I intend to research and give it more thought before making a decision in the coming weeks.


One thought on “New Step towards Narration

  1. It can definitely be really hard having too many creative options! There’s a certain sort of paralysis that happens when you can do anything. I guess the way through it is to explore the ideas more and think about what you really want to say, and what sort of experience you want to give the audience. You maybe try to develop the idea, start writing stuff down and it would probably take you in a certain direction. Even if it’s the wrong direction, seeing that will make it much more clear which is the correct path for your project. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up.

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