NDIN: Web Series

Coming up with something for New Direction in Narrative can be rather daunting.

But what I have decided to work on for this subject, is something I have been trying to develop for a very long time, but haven’t gotten around to doing it.

I am going for something traditional: A Web Series. But that will not just cut it. The main challenge is to not only come up with something unique storywise, it needs to have a fresh approach to media and how we market it as well.

For my story, I am stepping little bit into the sci-fi/fantasy realm even though all the events take place in a realistic setting. A lot of the fundamentals of the story will be derived from Michio Kaku’s “Parallel Worlds” and his work on theoretical physics. The path the storytelling will take place will be non linear.

Even though there is nothing similar about the story, one of my major influences is a show called Sense8. One of the things I take away from this show is the way a complicated story is beautifully portrayed in a way it can be understood by a large number of people. The ability convey a concept needs to be done in the right way to attract a crowd. Another huge take away is the aesthetics of the show (cinematography, colour correction, dialogue and feel).


A scene from Sense8 (Pic Courtesy: The Daily Dot)

Another challenge for this project will be how to create interactivity with the audience. The reason I say this is I am not taking the route of interactive documentary/film or games or web page. The interactivity will only come through likes and comments. The final material and the promotional material has to be compelling enough for the audience to participate and interact with the material.



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