Guilty Pleasure

“The scar hadn’t burnt for 19 years.
All was well.”

Relieved, she turned to the first page and started reading the book for the first time.



She was awake. I could figure it out from the way she was breathing. I could feel her eyes on me. Her fingers slowly ran through my hair. “You are getting fat again”, she said with a little cheekiness in her voice. I opened my eyes and looked at her next to me on the bed. Her eyes squinted and she said, smiling “There’s no way you could have fallen asleep after that!”
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Sound, Image and a lot more

Reflect and Write

Reflection was something that I was encouraged to do from an early age. Reflect upon my work, nature, life, beliefs, feelings and most importantly, upon myself as a whole. I have often expressed those things through drawings, videos or music. But writing it down and expressing it is something I have never tried. Continue reading “Sound, Image and a lot more”

A Story in Black and White

“Noir” and I have had a short history before coming to Australia. In April 2015, I made a short film along with a few friends called “Oh Shit!“. It was a comedy film which was made in a Noir setting and it addressed issues students had to face while living in a hostel.

Noir and I crossed paths again in Melbourne. A few colleagues and I had to work around the theme of Noir; Continue reading “A Story in Black and White”