Pitch Perfect

Last month, a couple of friends and I started working on a project to make a 1 minute short on Domestic Violence. But before we got to making the video, we had to pitch the idea to our professors using a HTML page with all the details. It was the first time I had ever done something like that.
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The Strict One

“Father arrested for threatening to slap his son”, the news reporter read out the headline.

He laughed hearing that.

“I would have been sentenced to life imprisonment if I was in his place”, he smiled turning to his son.

“Naah. They would have freaking hanged you just for the number of times you slapped me”, his son replied back chuckling.

“You turned out alright didn’t you?”

“All thanks to those slaps.”

They both laughed as their wine glasses clinked together. After all, it was his son’s 21st birthday.

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She was awake. I could figure it out from the way she was breathing. I could feel her eyes on me. Her fingers slowly ran through my hair. “You are getting fat again”, she said with a little cheekiness in her voice. I opened my eyes and looked at her next to me on the bed. Her eyes squinted and she said, smiling “There’s no way you could have fallen asleep after that!”
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