NDIN – Assessment Task 1: Pitch Peer Feedback

This Wednesday we had to pitch our ideas for our first assignment for New Directions in Narratives. I was rather nervous when I gave my presentation as the idea I pitched was a little unconventional and I couldn’t put forth every aspect of it the way I wanted to in the 3 mins that were allotted and that is something I definitely need to work on. There were a lot of other students who pitched their ideas as well and we had to peer review some of them. So here is my feedback for my classmates in my group:

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New Step towards Narration

Writing has never been one of my strong points. Starting off the Masters course, it ¬†was one of the things I was a little worried about. Having the chance to do “Story, Genre and Medium” earlier in my first semester, gave me a little more confidence in this area, even though I did not necessarily score as much as I was aiming for.

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