Electronic Proof of Concept

One of the most important part of a proposal is the EPOC (Electronic Proof of Concept). This is what really gives the idea and assurance while proposing an idea.

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Reanalysing the Concept

Having read the peer reviews of my fellow colleagues, I got a better idea of the shortcomings of my presentation. Though it was difficult to talk about everything in under 3 minutes, it was still something that I should have been able to squeeze in through the proper management of the given 3 minutes.

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NDIN – Assessment Task 1: Pitch Peer Feedback

This Wednesday we had to pitch our ideas for our first assignment for New Directions in Narratives. I was rather nervous when I gave my presentation as the idea I pitched was a little unconventional and I couldn’t put forth every aspect of it the way I wanted to in the 3 mins that were allotted and that is something I definitely need to work on. There were a lot of other students who pitched their ideas as well and we had to peer review some of them. So here is my feedback for my classmates in my group:

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